18k yellow gold

+ 950 sterling silver
+ diamonds

+ concrete


  • This piece is one of the many fine pieces of jewelry created and handmade by Carol Poubel for the Lammat Collection–a special collection that received an international award–a series that reflects on the importance of being connected to the little details in nature, found sometimes in the most improbable places like the big cities.


    Baptized with a Maya name, one of the oldest Mesoamerican civilizations responsible for monumental structures, this collection was created as a calling to lovers of architecture and astrology, making a link between the representation of the constellations in a daring material for the jewelry sector, but widely used in engineering: concrete.


    The shape of each piece was inspired by large metropolises, with minimalist lines and diamonds forming different constellations applied on thin pieces of concrete embraced with 18k yellow gold.