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Carol Poubel is a fine jewelry brand known for one-of-a-kind and custom-made pieces composed of rare and unusual materials and gemstones combined with precious materials.

All pieces are designed and handmade by the founder Carol Poubel herself. Her strong connection to art is reflected in each piece and in the process of searching for ideal materials, conferring onto each piece not only uniqueness, but a rich history and a specific concept.

​In all aspects of her work, Carol is inspired by the design principles of the Bauhaus style and by color theory. The result is simplicity as a synonym of sophistication. 

​You can buy the pieces personally, during the exhibitions and art events scheduled seasonally; making an appointment in her showroom; or online by clicking here.

Click here and get to know the story of every collection that has been produced by the artist to date, and fall in love with the art of Brazilian artisanal jewelry.


A Brazilian native, Carol Poubel made her first jewelry at the age of 15, spending the next two years of high school finishing her art classes with her own grandmother, who was a great painter and artist. After that, she attended and graduated from college with a degree in Design, presenting a special collection of fine jewelry she made by herself. It was her first collection.


Three years later, when she was only 25, she founded the first formative Jewelry School of her state in Brazil, and taught Jewelry Design and Goldsmithing for more than 10 years until she moved to Florida. She still teaches today, but now her classes are online, with the objective of offering opportunities to creatives with the same dreams she had for herself.


During her career, she was invited to participate in exhibitions around the world at the most amazing places she had ever seen, and she also had the opportunity to bring her students’ work, helping them start their own careers.


She had had her work displayed in Paris (Louvre Museum); Moscow (Manege Hall), where she received an award as a Fine Jeweler; she also exhibited her work in Milan (Giureconsulti Palace) in a special event organized during the Milan Fashion Week; and her last big exhibition was in One Art Space, an art gallery in NYC.



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