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Every piece of  jewelry you see on the website and social media Carol Poubel has was personally made from scratch: from the creation and design, to metalworking and stone setting. Even the packaging is handmade by her and some of her artisan friends in Brazil.

The special collections, the unique and exclusive pieces, are her favorites. “Having this contact with each piece is special for me because I like to dedicate my own energy into every product I offer my clients. For me, it’s like giving the best part of myself to someone.” (Carol Poubel)

The replicable commercial collections are handmade by her brother in Brazil, a goldsmith in his own right, in their workshop in Vitória, State of Espirito Santo.


“I like to make all my pieces in 18k yellow gold and 950 silver because they’re fluid and pleasant metal alloys to work with. Also, I always like to be very transparent with my clients: if you see a golden metal in my pieces, it will be 18k yellow gold; if you see a silver metal, it will be 950 sterling silver; and if you see a dark gold metal it will be bronze.

I do this because I prefer to have an alloy that contains the natural color of the metal in its composition, and white gold alloy does not exist. Gold is yellow by nature, and to have a really silver surface, the gold is plated with rhodium (a metal of the platinum family).

All my gemstones are natural and carefully selected by me personally in trunk shows and gemstones fairs around the world. I like to choose specimens with rare inclusions, surprising colors, and perfect cuts to make my pieces more unique.

I also love to work with different materials in my pieces, like wood, shells, marble and even concrete. Currently, I'm developing a new collection with pieces made of engraved Brazilian wood. Learning new artisanal techniques is one of my passions, and engraving wood has been a lovely challenge.“

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