18k yellow gold

+ diamond


  • This piece is one of the many fine pieces of jewelry created and handmade by Carol Poubel for the Amazonia Collection, a group of pieces that were created to represent the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, one of the most beautiful ecosystems we have in the entire world.


    The curves of Amazona's river, the flowers and the different shapes of leafes found into the forest were used as inspiration, as well as fragments of wood sculpted by Carol from eucalyptus, a reforested Brazilian wood. After sculpting, an ancient Japanese technique called Shou Sugi Ban is applyed in order to protect the pieces, as well as to call the attention about the uncontrolled fires that often happen in the Amazon rainforest.


    Originating in 18th century Japan, Shou Sugi Ban is a particularly striking method of preserving wood by charring it with fire in order to weatherproof it. The wood is burned until the surface is charred, and then coated with natural oil. The result is a scorched finish with a magnificent charcoal black color.